Commissioned Works & Best Performance

2016 Piano
Jeffrey Ryan: Mirari
Best Performance: Matt Poon
2015 Strings
Jordan Pal: Into the Ether
Best performance: Cameron Crozman
2014 Voice
Andrew Staniland: Execution Songs
Best performance: Catherine Anne Daniel
2013 Piano
Randolph Peters: Hallucinations
Best performance: Madeline Hildebrand
2012 Strings
John Burge: String Theory
Best performance: Brian Yoon
2011 Voice
Michael Oesterle: Eckhardt Songs
Best Performance: Erica Iris Huang
2010 Piano
Karen Sunabacka: Curlicue
Best Performance: Andrea Lodge
2009 Strings
T. Patrick Carrabré: Chaconne
Best Performance: Carissa Klopoushak
2008 Voice
Jocelyn Morlock: Involuntary Love Songs
Best Performance: Vania Chan
2007 Piano
Heather Schmidt: Night Rainbow
Best Performance: Su Jeon
2006 Strings
Frederick A. Schipizky: Sonia’s Letters
Best Performance: Min-Jeong Koh
2005 Voice
David R. Scott: Disordered Songs
Best Performance: Layla Claire
2004 Piano
David L. McIntyre: Butterflies & Bobcats
Best Performance: Lana Henchell
2003 Strings
Allan Gordon Bell: Coriolis
Best Performance: Eugenia Choi
2002 Voice
Jacques Desjardins: Homme sweet homme
Best Performance: Peter McGillivray
2001 Piano
T. Patrick Carrabré: Funérailles
Best Performance: Michelle Chang
2000 Strings
Jack Behrens: E-gré Music
Best Performance: Aya Miyagawa
1999 Voice
John Oliver: Raven’s Cry
Best Performance: Krista Cornish Scott
1998 Piano
Laurie Radford: Roiling
Best Performance: Stephen Clarke
1997 Strings
Elizabeth Raum: Prayer and Dance of Praise
Best Performance: Catherine French
1996 Voice
Michael Matthews: Deux Chansons d’Amour
Best Performance: Monika Loewen Wall
1995 Piano
Alexina Louie: Starstruck
Best Performance: Ryan McClelland
1994 Strings
Gary Kulesha: … and dark time flowed by her
like a river…
Best Performance: Bridget Hunt
1993 Voice
Patrick Cardy: Autumn
Best Performance: Michiel Schrey
1991 Strings
Sid Robinovitch: Adieu Babylon
Best Performance: Emily Bowman
1990 Voice
Malcolm Forsyth: Incantation
Best Performance: Anne-Marie Donovan
1989 Piano
Walter Buczinski: Mosaics
Best Performance: Janice Girard & Christopher
1988 Strings
Alfred Fisher: The Nameless Dances
Best Performance: James Ehnes
1986 Voice
Stephen Chatman: Song of Solomon
1985 Strings
André Prévost: Sonata No. 2 pour violoncelle et